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Lobbying and Advocacy initiative for better maternal health services

Through Trocaire’s supporting “Access to better maternal health services” in the districts of Amuru, Ngora, Nakapiripirit and Otuke, JPIIJPC has organized lobbying and advocacy initiatives in Ngora and Nakapiripirit (10th-14th July 2016) and in Otuke and Amuru (25th-29th July 2016).
The overall objective is to raise awareness on the challenges, needs and efforts required to change the status of maternal health services in the respective districts. These activities are characterized by conducting radio talk shows with duty bearers and these include: technical staff in the area of health services, political leaders playing a crucial role as guest speakers during the show. On the other hand, men and women from the area will be provided an opportunity during the show to call in, ask questions and seek clarity.

Secondly, in order to influence duty bearers, community debates with men and men will be conducted. This will be anchored on the findings in the study conducted by JPIIJPC entitled: “Maternal Health a Human Rights Challenge.” The findings, recommendations will be used as reference guidance tools to educate the local population about their maternal health rights, the roles and responsibilities of local leaders. Consequently, local leaders will be tasked to prioritize issues of health as critical in their areas. Lastly, Face to Face meetings and lobbying initiatives with local leaders will be held to ensure local leaders take recommendations in the study as the starting point for substantial improvement in the maternal health services.

The Study on Justice and Peace in the Catholic Church in Uganda: Challenges and Opportunities

JPIIJPC is carrying out this study in two dioceses in each of the four catholic Archdioceses, namely: Gulu, Kampala, Mbarara and Tororo. The research is about the challenges and opportunities in the promotion of justice and peace in Uganda by the Catholic Church. Through this study, JPIIJPC aims at creating awareness about and influencing the church leaders and the faithful on the challenges and opportunities in the promotion of justice and peace to address the social injustices affecting the country. The study commences on 11th April and ends 30th July 2016.

Civic Education Project

Training department will be conducting Community debates in various dioceses during the months of August, September and October 2016. The aim is to develop strategies and perspectives on advocacy to include civic education on Uganda’s Secondary School curriculum.

Latest Events

1 homeJP2JPC Annual General Meeting 2016
July 2016

On the 2nd July 2016, JP2JPC held its 2016 Annual General Meeting. It was attended by 22 participants including BOG members, representatives of JP2 Staff, partners and beneficiaries. On the agenda were: remarks from the JP2 director and chairperson of the BOG, and presentation of the Centre’s Activities of 2015. In his remarks, the director highlighted the following in the new strategic plan: animation of justice and peace activities at the Centre, the Catholic Social Teaching, Resource Centre (library) and collaboration with others.

CST training homeUganda Catholic Social Teaching Network (UCSTN)
May 2016

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre, together with its partners and collaborators, mainly: the Association of the Religious in Uganda (ARU), the Uganda Episcopal Conference-Justice and Peace Department, the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) and Kampala Caritas-Justice and Peace Department, recently organized a workshop on the Catholic Social Teaching (CST). The facilitator of this workshop was Fr. Elias Omondi Opongo (SJ), the director of Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR), in Nairo, Kenya.

USFC homeTraining of Religious at Namugongo (USFC)
April 2016

Training Department facilitated five days’ training at the Uganda Spiritual Formation Centre Namugongo from 25th to 29th April 2016. Participants were from 9 African countries namely; Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Cameroon and Zimbabwe. The training focused on Social Justice in the Catholic Church, Peace Leadership and Environmental Peace in the context of the Catholic Social Teaching (CST).

Training P1Training of Teachers (ToT) Phase One
February – March 2016

JPIIJPC conducted phase one of training of secondary school teachers in Civic Education covering the entire four ecclesiastical provinces of Uganda between February and March 2016. Eastern province at Eneku Training Village Soroti from (21st – 24th February), Western province at Caritas Kasese (28th February to 3rd March), Northern province at Christus Centre Arua from (13th -17th March) and Central province at Foyer De Charite Kampala from (20th – 24th March 2016).

Follow up homeFollow up monitoring visit (Youth Empowerment Project)
February 2016

After successful empowerment of youths in the dioceses of Soroti, Lira, Gulu and Moroto, business ideas that started as a way to motivate them to be productive to their communities has resulted into tangible income generating projects. Piggery project was carefully selected by the three youth groups that include St. Joseph youth group, Jesus Followers and Bala youth group in Gulu, Soroti and Lira respectively. While conducting a follow up monitoring visit in Soroti, Toroma parish the group entitled Jesus Followers group engaging in piggery business has been able to manage their piggery project in a closed pig sty.

Conference Dec. 2015Summary report on conference held on the Pope Francis’s messages (Uganda)
December 2015

Welcome remarks from JPIIJPC Director

On the 11th December 2015, John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre held a conference that gathered up to 80 participants, among which included; Religious Leaders, Political Leaders, Teachers, Representatives from the vulnerable groups of people, The Youth and Catechists. The Conference aimed at discussing some realistic measures to implement the Pope’s messages adequately by the Ugandan faithful, following his visit to Uganda from 27th – 29th November 2015.

Feast day 1JP2JPC Feast Day
October 2015

Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala – Address

Saturday 24th October 2015, was a historical day for JP2JPC. For the first time, we celebrated the feast day of our Patron Saint, Pope John Paul II. The theme of the day was: Pope John Paul II: Passion for Social Justice.

Maternal Mortality a Human Right Challenge 1 copyLaunch of the Study “Maternal Mortality, a Human Right Challenge”
September 2015

Welcome remarks from JPIIJPC Director

There should be no more excuses for maternal death. The government must act urgently on its health and human rights to reduce maternal mortality. The voices and views of women, particularly the poor must be at the centre of local and national planning action to reduce maternal death and injury. They fully understand how to remove the barriers to maternal health care during pregnancy and childbirth and know how to deal with the issues of poverty, marginalization, and disempowerment. There can be no bystander when rural and urban poor women die in great numbers. What needs to be done is known. The inequality, discrimination and abuse that underlie these deaths can be addressed. Where women’s lives are valued, their dignity respected and their human rights ensured, the promise of safe pregnancy and childbirth can be fulfilled.


Pope John Pual II

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