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Combating Human Trafficking in Uganda

Survivors during training

Survivors during training

On 8th February 2021, the world celebrated, International day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking (ST. Josephine Bakhita). JPIIJPC held a press conference to highlight the status oh human trafficking in Uganda.

Find copy of the press briefing  (Press Breifing)  

JPIIJPC in partnership with the Uganda Episcopal Conference (Uganda Catholic Secretariat) with the support of Wheaton Franciscan Sisters (WFS) Ministry Fund started the implementation of the project titled “Combating Human Trafficking in Uganda” on 11th November 2020. The project aims to combat human trafficking and any form of slavery in Uganda. See more…

JPIIJPC COVID-19 Emergency Response

COVID-19 Intervention

Find copy of the impact of COVID-19 Report (Report on the Impact of Covid-19

Governments across Africa are rushing to reinforce measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, fearing that fragile health systems will be swiftly overwhelmed if the disease spreads beyond a small number of cases on the continent. As the government of Uganda and key Stakeholders continue to raise awareness on the spread of COVID -19, the perception of the population about the disease is still mixed up with some taking it to be the disease of the old, others taking that Africans are immune, others believe the virus can’t survive in hot weather . Again one key factor of preventive measures namely; social distancing, hand wash and others are still a big challenge to the population.

The population also continues to move from one place to another including the refugees in the settlement who travel back and forth from South Sudan with minimum restrictions which brings fear that they can easily import the COVID-19 into the settlement. South Sudan has already registered a number of confirmed cases of the disease. The settlements are more vulnerable because of being heavily congested.  Therefore a massive outbreak of COVID-19 would be very devastating to the refugees and host community. Moreover the information about COVID-19 to the refugees is highly limited. Consequently, Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and UNHCR has called upon all the partners to join hands in supporting sensitization of the refugees and the host community on COVID-19. Therefore, JPIIJPC with the support of Diocese of Rottenburg Stuttgart, has taken the initiative to See more

Latest Events

Training the local artists and actors for peace promotion, film, music and drama in Bidibidi and Imvepi Settlements


The Centre has continued with Promotion of social cohesion among the refugees and with host communities in Bidibidi and Imvepi refugee settlements. During the period, the Centre trained the local artists and actors for peace promotion, film, music and drama. The activity began on 28th October and ended on 14th November 2020. see more…


Past Events

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Training (TOT) of Urban Refugees 2020

Urban Refugee training

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre in conjunction with Caritas Kampala successfully held a training in peace building for urban refugee leaders on 14th-16th October 2020 at Cardinal Nsubuga Leadership Training Centre. The purpose of the training was.. see more 

Meeting with UNHCR homeMeeting with UNHCR and OPM
February 2020

On 19th February 2020, JPIIJPC held a meeting with the UNHCR and OPM staff to begin its activities in Bidibidi refugee settlement. JPIIJPC staff also attended inter-agency Settlement Protection Sector working group meeting with the development partners working in Bidibidi refugee settlement where they were introduced as a new partner. JPIIJPC is set to start implementing its activities in Bidibidi settlement in Yumbe district.

Camp leader homePeace Building Trainings
January and February 2020

JPIIJPC trained camp leaders, women leaders, youth leaders and peace committees on Peace building in January and February 2020 in Imvepi refugee settlement, Arua District. The aim was to make them understand peace building and their roles in peace building initiatives; appreciate peaceful co-existence between the refugees and the host communities; and share their challenges in peace building in the community.

Meeting with UNHCR homeInception Meeting
January 2020

JPIIJPC conducted Inception meeting with the development partners in Imvepi Refugee Settlement, Arua District. This meeting was meant to introduce JPIIJPC to the partners working in Imvepi and to appreciate the programmes implemented by partners for easy coordination by OPM and UNHCR.


Annual report cover 2

JPIIJPC Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022
November 2018

This is the third Strategic Plan (SP) of John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre. It succeeds the second strategic plan, developed in 2015 and will end in December 2018. It reflects the goal of the Centre, namely the pursuit of a just and peaceful society in Uganda. Like most Strategic Plans, therefore, it is a tool for advancement of the mission and goal of the Centre, providing useful direction for attainment of its objectives. The Strategic Plan reflects a pastoral context that calls for more boldness in confronting the array of political, economic and social issues affecting the country. It highlights the variety of actions to be taken by the Centre, and with other stakeholders, to influence positive change for all.


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